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Re: Preseeding: No questions in Virtualbox, one on a real computer

Am Mittwoch 13 Juli 2011, 10.36:21 schrieb Mario Fux:
> Morning guys

Morging ;-)

> Nobody an idea or hint? I should know which question is apparently not
> preseeded when I install the image on a real computer but is preseeded in a
> Virtualbox installation.
> I don't see any corresponding data or question neither on Alt-F4 nor in
> templates.dat or questions.dat.
> The mentioned files are huge and when I just look at the end of the files
> when the question waits for an answer I don't see anything helpful there.

Now I found the solution myself and wanted to write it down for other people.

The problem or differnce was that virtualbox "has" just one harddisc but my 
computer two of them. The following line solved the problem and preseeded the 
d-i partman-auto/disk string /dev/sda


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