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Bug#633049: debootstrap: /run transition: Please switch use of /lib/init/rw to /run

Roger Leigh wrote:
> Your package is currently using /lib/init/rw/ which is now deprecated
> and pending removal.  Please update your package to use /run/ with a
> versioned dependency on initscripts, as detailed below.

debootstrap's entire use of /lib/init/rw is to umount it if the
directory exists. AFAICS the only impact could be a warning message
if the directory is not found or mounted. I don't know if /run would
get mounted during a debootstapping and also need to be unmounted.

And, debootstrap needs to keep umounting the directory if it exists,
since it supports debootstapping old versions of debian.

I already discussed this, and other stuff in d-i that will probably
actually be broken by /run in <20110514180201.GA28890@gnu.kitenet.net>.
Has anything been done about that stuff? Not that I can see from what's
in git for eg, grub-installer.

> Your package is one of the users of sendsigs.omit.d listed here:
> http://wiki.debian.org/ReleaseGoals/RunDirectory#Packages_using_.2BAC8-lib.2BAC8-init.2BAC8-rw

I don't know what sendsigs.omit.d is, and neither does
packages.debian.org's Contents file search, but

joey@gnu:~/src/d-i/packages/debootstrap>git grep sendsigs
zsh: exit 1     git grep sendsigs

see shy jo

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