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Bug#630477: Switch speech synthesis

Quoting Samuel Thibault (sthibault@debian.org):

> There is one glitch in the main menu BTW. I don't know if it is on
> purpose that the language question is always asked in english, but the
> title is asked in the previously-selected language, which makes some
> sort of mixture. I mean for instance:
> - boot the installer
> - choose the french language
> - don't choose a country, go back to language question
> - the debconf title for language question is in french, while the
>   actual question is in english.
> In my patch, I make localechooser switch back to english for the
> language question, even if the title is in the local language. Should I
> keep it so?

Yes, that's OK. localechooser's choices are always in English and the
menu text is not translatable, on purpose. The point is allowing
someone to come back in case (s)he picked the wrong language...and
still have something understandable..:)

A side effect was the situation you mention. It never bothered us
enough to include a hack to switch everything back to English prior to
the 2nd menu display....

So, imho, keep your patch as is. 

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