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Bug#630477: Switch speech synthesis

retitle 630477 Switch speech synthesis


Christian PERRIER, le Wed 15 Jun 2011 07:25:28 +0200, a écrit :
> introducing some changes in localechooser script to switch voice after
> the language is chosen.

Ok, does the attached patch sound sane? (it does work in my tests at least)

There is one glitch in the main menu BTW. I don't know if it is on
purpose that the language question is always asked in english, but the
title is asked in the previously-selected language, which makes some
sort of mixture. I mean for instance:

- boot the installer
- choose the french language
- don't choose a country, go back to language question
- the debconf title for language question is in french, while the
  actual question is in english.

In my patch, I make localechooser switch back to english for the
language question, even if the title is in the local language. Should I
keep it so?

diff --git a/localechooser b/localechooser
index 362e11c..7f5eb60 100644
--- a/localechooser
+++ b/localechooser
@@ -478,6 +478,11 @@ while :; do
 	   10)	# Display language list
 		db_settitle localechooser/title/language
+		if [ -x /usr/lib/espeakup/espeakup.restart ]
+		then
+			/usr/lib/espeakup/espeakup.restart "$INITIAL_LANGUAGE"
+		fi
 		# Disabled because of #470258: template is set to true too early
 		if false && \
@@ -509,6 +514,10 @@ while :; do
 	   11)	# We have a language
 		db_get $tpl_languagelist
+		if [ -x /usr/lib/espeakup/espeakup.restart ]
+		then
+			/usr/lib/espeakup/espeakup.restart "$LANGUAGE"
+		fi
 		# Determine defaults based on languagelist
 		. languagemap

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