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Bug#537535: debconf-set-selections patch

Quoting Regis Boudin (regis@boudin.name):
> Hi folks,
> I haven't disappeared yet, still working on cdebconf, and should
> hopefully have more time to hack on it in a couple of days. Here is a
> patch implementing debconf-set-slections.
> flag_value() should probably be moved somewhere more reusable like
> question.c, as it is exactly the same logic as what I did in rfc822db.c
> for #625317, and sounds like something that could be useful in general.
> I also have a patch for the escape CAPB, though the results I get with
> my tests look a bit odd, so any input with an actual example, or a patch
> to test.config, so I could compare the result with the original debconf
> would be very useful.
> As before, any feedback or comment would be very welcome.

Committed. It's probably time that we build/release a new cdebconf
version, don't you think?

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