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Bug#627079: tasksel: Drop dependencies on some dictionaries

Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:
> I was seeing that on newly installed systems, both ispell and aspell are
> installed.
> >From ispell's NEWS.Debian (version 3.3.02-4) we have:
> =====
>   This is the latest, and most probably the last, upstream version of ispell.

> So, for example, in task-brazilian-portuguese where we have a Recommends
> on both ibrazilian (that pulls ispell) and aspell-pt-br, shouldn't
> ibrazilian be dropped? (and the same for other languages, where
> relevant)

AFAIK, the only reason tasksel has aspell and ispell dictionaries at all
is to make a localized version easily available. This has the weird
consequence of ispell and aspell not being included in the base system,
or American English installs, but being included in British English and
other localized installs.

In the past (1999-2002), dictionaries-common and wenglish were
priority standard, so it made sense to install localized
wordlists too. Now, it seems, it does not. I'm leaning toward
dropping them from all the localized tasks.

see shy jo

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