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Bug#627108: tasksel: Installs both Brazilian and European Portuguese packages

Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:
> I couldn't exactly track the dependency chain for this (nor I am sure
> that tasksel is guilty), but when installing a Debian system selecting
> Portuguese (Brazil) then Brasil, we end with a system having both Brazilian
> and European Portuguese packages:

This is an infelicity of tasksel's Test-lang. 

task-portuguese has Test-lang: pt
task-brazilian-portuguese has Test-lang: pt_BR

Since tests/lang only sees one package at a time, it assumes that
when the locale is ll_LL, Test-lang: ll should match. It it not
able to see and prefer a more specific match.

So, the only way I can see to fix this is to use for task-portuguese,
test-lang: pt_PT pt_XX pt_YY

I don't know what value to put in for XX and YY etc so I have not fixed
this yet. Perhaps bubulle can help.

Portuguese seems to be the only language affected, for other languages
this is already done, for example:

chinese-s:Test-lang: zh_CN zh_SG
chinese-t:Test-lang: zh_TW zh_HK

see shy jo

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