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Re: Relicence of Debian Installer components under GPLv3 or v2+?

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> So am I. FWIW, the majority of components are already licensed version 2
> or higher. These are licensed v2 only:

Aha, this is an input I was awaiting for. Thanks, Joey..:-)

If you said no, I would probably have abandoned the idea.

What could be the right approach about this? Contact everybody listed
in debian/copyright? Look at the commit history and contact everybody
who once did a commit?

> tzsetup
> udpkg
> base-installer
> installation-guide
> clock-setup
> finish-install
> localechooser
> network-console
> palo-installer
> partman-multipath
> s390-dasd
> zipl-installer
> etch-support
> lenny-support
> sarge-support

Not so many, after all.

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