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Relicence of Debian Installer components under GPLv3 or v2+?

I'm just sitting at the annual Samba conference, listening to
B. Kuhn's talk about GPL enforcement and v2/v3 issues (samba is known
to be the first major project to move to GPLv3). 

So, well, just a random idea: would it be such a weird idea to try
moving the licence for various D-I components to either GPLv3 or "v2+"
(v2 and above)?

What would be the stance of those of us who contributed code in
various D-I packages?

Mine is actually: I'm perfectly OK with moving the licence of all
components I contributed code to, to GPLv3. Not sure if that's enough
as I'm not that a licence freak and I'm mostly ignorant of these things.


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