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Bug#598765: debian-installer: FTBFS on alpha: needs mirror update?


there is no squeezy for alpha, it was not released with other architectures,
and it will probably not be relesead even after normal release.

debian-alpha team is targeting re-release on normal schedule of Debian wheezy.
But this is not yet decided oficially, so currently only unstable/sid
is available for alpha (and lenny and experimental of course).

Would be nice if debian-installer from sid, would use sid distribution
for building. Currently according to logs, package is from sid,
but it have hardcoded squeezy strings in build process.

Neverthless currently building debian-installer is slightly
pointless for a while, because of udev issues, which will be fixed
when eglibc 2.13 will enter unstable. (it already is fixed for example
in libc6.1 2.13-0exp5 for experimental).


Witold Baryluk

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