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Re: d-i decruft in sid

Quoting Joerg Jaspert (joerg@ganneff.de):
> Heyho
> we just noticed that the dists/sid dir is getting unreasonably large,
> its at 11gigabyte right now. Most of that due to a huge number of d-i
> versions we have.
> Can we decruft some of them? The more the better.

This is sid/ right?

If so, I don't really see why we need to keep version older than the
last released, ie 20110106 (+b1).

Other versions were D-I releases made either for alpha, beta or RC
releases, or even sometimes for tentatives releases.

I don't see the value added in keeping old D-I releases as the archive
is not an historical archive.

So, I'd say "keep 20110106+b1 when it's here and the latest one when
it is not).

Please don't take this as "D-I team advice". I think that it would be
good to have otavio and joeyh's advices.

otavio mentioned a small VAC so his answer might be delayed.

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