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Bug#617990: debian-installer: keyboard detection fails and no config option is offered

On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 09:32:42AM +0100, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> And console-setup doesn't (yet) support keyboard layout on kfreebsd.
> Cc-ing debian-bsd and reassigning to console-setup for now (I don't know
> what the BSD plan is for keyboard layout support).

The support for FreeBSD in console-setup is almost ready.  I suppose I 
will be able to add support for FreeBSD in console-setup-mini (the main 
difficulty being the need to support non-UTF-8 encodings there) and if I 
am succesful this means the udebs will support FreeBSD too.  However, 
there are some things that kFreeBSD and d-i people have to decide.

In my test installation of kFreeBSD I am unable to enter any non-ASCII 
symbols.  I suppose this is because of the attempt to have UTF-8 on the 
console.  I failed to find in Internet anything useful about UTF-8 on 
the console except that in one Russian forum some people reported that 
UTF-8 is supported only for ASCII symbols.  If this is true then perhaps 
it will be rediculous to use UTF-8 instead of some normal 8-bit 
encoding. The bad thing is that I don't know how to switch the console 
of kFreeBSD back to a non-Unicode mode.

I tested console-setup on a normal FreeBSD installation (version 8.2) 
and all 8-bit encodings work there.  So the problem is specific for 
Debian, not for FreeBSD.

>From all I can see FreeBSD is not going to support UTF-8 anytime soon.  
Even if the problem is fixed somehow in the kernel, the console 
utilities of FreeBSD (kbdcontrol and vidcontrol) will require a 
significant changes before they can support >256 codes.

For the installer this means that it has to work in a non-Unicode 
environment.  So I'd like to ask - is this possible or UTF-8 is 
hardcoded?  Does cdebconf support internationalizatin with 8-bit 
encodings?  If it is difficult to support 8-bit encodings then what are 
the plans for kFreeBSD?

Anton Zinoviev

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