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Bug#617990: debian-installer: keyboard detection fails and no config option is offered

reassign 617990 console-setup

david b, le Sun 13 Mar 2011 17:10:57 +1100, a écrit :
> If you have a dvorak plugged in and you boot the kfreebsd debian amd64 or i386 installer from cd1 (or the net-install) the installer
> does not pick up on the fact that I am using a dvorak keyboard. There also is no option for me to select a different keyboard layout.
> So I am stuck in qwerty.

Keyboards don't announce their layout, so there's no wonder software
can't pick up on the layout automatically.

And console-setup doesn't (yet) support keyboard layout on kfreebsd.
Cc-ing debian-bsd and reassigning to console-setup for now (I don't know
what the BSD plan is for keyboard layout support).


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