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Bug#617746: Cannot select ethernet driver during install

Package: debian-installer
Version: squeeze (amd64/mini.iso)

When detecting network drivers I received a prompt saying my network card requires non-free firmware and to please supply it. I chose 'no' as I didn't have the firmware handy but then it said I had no network devices installed so I tried to go back.

I have been unable to get the firmware question to come back up again, and now I am being presented with a list of network drivers to choose from. When I select my card (bnx2) it just asks me to select the driver over and over again, even as I keep selecting bnx2. The status bar says to press Space to select but this doesn't work, and when I press Enter on bnx2 it just comes up again asking me for the driver. I select bnx2 again and it asks me again over and over again...

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