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Re: GeoMirror (aka cdn.debian.net) as default mirror in standard installation?

Holger Levsen wrote:
> > - 'good' default could not be the best default
> ftp.us.debian.org is a worse default for most people.

That's irrelevant; d-i does not default to ftp.us.debian.org, and it
*does* present cdn.debian.net near the top of the list of choices (but
never as the first choice).

> I think it should be used, but IMO it should become cdn.debian._org_ first, at 
> least for stable. For sid and testing it's ok without debian.org but a stable 
> install should fetch things from .org.

It doesn't need to move moved to the .org TLD. It does need to become
blessed as an official Debian service. I think we've already done as
much as can be done toward that end in d-i, the rest is up to the

see shy jo

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