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Bug#616095: debian-installer: fails to install bootloader on ibm power5 lpar

On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 11:08:47PM +0000, Miguel Figueiredo wrote:
> A Quarta 02 Março 2011 13:40:22 Folkert van Heusden você escreveu:
> > Package: debian-installer
> > Version: 6.0.0 power
> > Severity: important
> > 
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> > After installing debian 6.0.0 in a ibm power5 lpar (power platform; powerpc
> > cd), the installer fails to install a bootloader (yaboot and prep both
> > fail). The system won't come up then of course.
> Please provide more details.
> Can you look into the installer log and also send a copy (gzipped) so we can 
> take a look?
> (/var/log/installer/syslog)

Based on what I found when setting up an IBM power6 box, yaboot 1.3.13
doesn't quite work on many IBM boxes, while 1.3.14+ should.  1.3.16 is
currently in unstable, but didn't make it into squeeze in time.
Perhaps using the newer version would work.

Personally I ended up using grub2 instead of yaboot.  I had to get a
few patches at the time to fix a few things, and the installation is
a bit manual since grub-install doesn't understand CHRP machines (only
really powermacs), but I am rather happy with it.  Also yaboot didn't
have software raid1 support at the time (I think 1.3.16 does), and I
needed that, so grub2 was much more suitable for me.  grub2 also meant
I could use ext4 for my filesystem.

Len Sorensen

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