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Bug#614504: Can't install debian 6.0 on a Dell optiplex gx110

reassign 614504 installation-reports

On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 12:42:33AM +0100, Matthieu COUDERT wrote:
>Package: cdrom
>Version: 6.0
>Neither the "install" nor the "graphical install" option works.
>When I choose one of these options, the bottom of the screen gets covered with multicolored snow, and nothing else happens. 
>I burned another cd, and the problem persists.
>I managed to install and run Lenny on another optiplex gx110 (I gave it to a friend).
>The debian 5 install process works on this computer.
>I searched the web with combinations of: debian dell install squeeze gx110
>I found no answer yet.

Hmmmm. I've not heard of any major problems reported for that
hardware, but a quick Google suggests that graphics detection *might*
be a problem, e.g.


If even the text-mode installer is failing then that sounds
worrying. Forwarding for the installer team to take a look...

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