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Bug#611196: debian-installer: Make "Erasing data" step optional

reassign 611196 partman-crypto

Quoting Pavel Zubkou (pavel.zubkou@gmail.com):
> On 01/27/2011 06:40 AM, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> >You can. Just "hit" Cancel when the erase progress bar is showing
> >up. It will cancel the erase process and things will continue.
> >
> >At least, this is what happened during a short test I just did.
> Thanks for hint. But from onscreen dialog it is not obvious what
> <Cancel> will do: will it skip the erase step or will it cancel it
> and go to previous pre-erase step.
> Is it possible to name that button as "Skip" or provide an
> explanatory text, something like "If you think that there is no need
> for erasing previously stored data (e.g. disk was empty or already
> erased), hit <Cancel> to skip this step."

Rename to Skip --> no because that belongs to the debconf interface

Reword the dialog --> That could maybe be done. Reassigning the bug

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