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Re: Creation of a USB-boot img for Squeeze

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> There's a much easier way to use most of the i386/amd64 CD images with
> USB now; they're all isohybrid images so you can simple write them raw
> to a USB stick. See 
>   http://blog.einval.com/2011/01/07#isohybrid_CDs
> for more details. I still have it on my todo list to write a patch for
> the installation manual.

I've already patched it, but this version has not appeared in any of the
builds yet:

  <sect2 id="usb-copy-isohybrid" condition="isohybrid-supported">
  <title>Preparing a USB stick using a hybrid CD or DVD image</title>

Debian CD and DVD images can now be written directly a USB stick,
which is a very easy way to make a bootable USB stick. Simply choose
a CD or DVD image that will fit on your USB stick. See
<xref linkend="official-cdrom"/> to get a CD or DVD image.


for very small USB sticks, only a few megabytes in size, you can download
the <filename>mini.iso</filename> image from the <filename>netboot</filename>
directory (at the location mentioned in <xref linkend="where-files"/>).


A special method can be used to add firmware to the
<filename>mini.iso</filename>. First, write the
<filename>mini.iso</filename> to the USB stick.
Next obtain the necessary firmware files.
See <xref linkend="loading-firmware"/> for more information about firmware.
Now unplug and replug the USB stick, and two partitions should now be visible on it.
You should mount the second of the two partitions, and unpack the firmware onto it.

# mount /dev/<replaceable>sdX2</replaceable> /mnt
# cd /mnt
# tar zxvf <replaceable>/path/to/</replaceable>firmware.tar.gz
# cd /
# umount




The CD or DVD image you choose should be written directly to the USB stick,
overwriting its current contents. For example, when using an existing
GNU/Linux system, the CD or DVD image file can be written to a USB stick
as follows:

# cat <replaceable>debian.iso</replaceable> &gt; /dev/<replaceable>sdX</replaceable>
# sync



see shy jo

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