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Bug#608201: Install with network solve the problem.


Dom, 2011-01-09 às 22:15 +0100, joseangon escreveu:
> 2011/1/9 joseangon <joseangon47@gmail.com>
>         Hello.
>         I'm sorry but I'm doing tests and everything leads me to the
>         script 01setup.
>         When I got it to work the apt-cdrom add, was omitted returning
>         to format the target partition and do the installation again.
>         When I tried to edit from the beginning the library.sh the
>         problem has persisted.
>         Now I have changed since the beginning, the line of 01setup:
>         sed 's/^/# /' < $ROOT/etc/apt/sources.list | sed 's/^# #
>         */# /' > $file

afaiu the first generator (01setup) is the starting point, and that line
comments existing sources.list as it is 'old stuff'. Then each of the
generators runs and generate a sources.list according the package source
such as a netinst cd, a cd set or network mirror.
I suspect for a single cd the generator that creates the sources.list
should be 40cdrom.


Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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