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Bug#609339: Unable to specify routes when installing

Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

> Quoting Philippe Villiers (kissifrot@gmail.com):
>> I'm using Mac failovers on a virtual machine where i'm trying to
>> install Debian Squeze.
>> The problem is when I try to specify my IP adress and such, I have a
>> gateway unreachable error.
>> In fact I would like tu use the following configuration:
>> Ip address of the virtual machine is named IPVM, the gateway is IPGT
>> So the machine would have the following parameters:
>> IP address: IPVM
>> Broadcast address: IPVM
>> Netmask:
>> Gateway: IPGT
>> A /etc/network/interfaces would look like this:
>> auto eth0
>> iface eth0 inet static
>> address  IPVM
>> netmask
>> broadcast  IPVM
>> post-up route add  IPGT dev eth0
>> post-up route add default gw  IPGT
>> post-down route del  IPGT dev eth0
>> post-down route del default gw  IPGT
>> But I can't configure my network like this using the installer.
> Is this really something we want in the installer? I'm not entirely
> convinced that each and every specific setup needs to be configurable
> from scratch in D-I.

I also feel like such a specialized network setup doesn't belong into
the installer dialogs.  The manual method should stay open, though.  Not
that doing a "Mac failover" would be useful when running the installer.

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