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Bug#609339: Unable to specify routes when installing

Quoting Philippe Villiers (kissifrot@gmail.com):

> I'm using Mac failovers on a virtual machine where i'm trying to
> install Debian Squeze.
> The problem is when I try to specify my IP adress and such, I have a
> gateway unreachable error.
> In fact I would like tu use the following configuration:
> Ip address of the virtual machine is named IPVM, the gateway is IPGT
> So the machine would have the following parameters:
> IP address: IPVM
> Broadcast address: IPVM
> Netmask:
> Gateway: IPGT
> A /etc/network/interfaces would look like this:
> auto eth0
> iface eth0 inet static
> address  IPVM
> netmask
> broadcast  IPVM
> post-up route add  IPGT dev eth0
> post-up route add default gw  IPGT
> post-down route del  IPGT dev eth0
> post-down route del default gw  IPGT
> But I can't configure my network like this using the installer.

Is this really something we want in the installer? I'm not entirely
convinced that each and every specific setup needs to be configurable
from scratch in D-I.

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