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Re: how can I get all the udeb source packages list?


On Fri, Jan 07, 2011 at 10:02:31AM +0800, Qin Bo wrote:
> > You can get back to the source
> > package by looking up the binary package in the relevant Packages list and
> > getting the Source header from there (I'm sure someone will be nice and
> > give
> > you a grep-dctrl snippet to do that, but I'm not grep-dctrl qualified).
>  Relevant Packages list is a ambiguous concept.

No, it's quite a concrete concept.  A file, named Packages.gz, which exists
in a well-defined location on any Debian mirror.

> I don't know the Packages
> list complete,
> as I mention above,

There is no above, since you trimmed your own post.

> I don't know how to get  the Packages list, especially
> in different architecture,


> even more, some packages are not only build by debian installer.

That is irrelevant.  They all end up in the same Packages.gz.

> Though
> grep-dctrl is a powerfull utility,
> but I don't know which predicate is belong to debian installer, and I use "
> grep-dctrl -s Package 'Debian Install System Team' source "
> and  "grep-dctrl -s Package 'debian-installer' source ", it get all the
> architecutre Packages list, but also missing the packages which not build by
> debian installer, and I can't separe this packages for each architecture

As I already mentioned, the list of what udebs go into a particular
installer image is under installer/build/pkg-lists in the d-i SVN

- Matt

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