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Re: how can I get all the udeb source packages list?

You can get back to the source
package by looking up the binary package in the relevant Packages list and
getting the Source header from there (I'm sure someone will be nice and give
you a grep-dctrl snippet to do that, but I'm not grep-dctrl qualified).

 Relevant Packages list is a ambiguous concept. I don't know the Packages list complete,
as I mention above, I don't know how to get  the Packages list, especially in different architecture,
even more, some packages are not only build by debian installer. Though grep-dctrl is a powerfull utility,
but I don't know which predicate is belong to debian installer, and I use " grep-dctrl -s Package 'Debian Install System Team' source "
and  "grep-dctrl -s Package 'debian-installer' source ", it get all the architecutre Packages list, but also missing the packages which not build by
debian installer, and I can't separe this packages for each architecture

Best Regards,
Qin Bo

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