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cryptsetup migration: libcryptsetup1-udeb package?


I'm in the process of migrating cryptsetup packages to a dynamically
linked binary, which uses the shared libcryptsetup1 library. In order to
do so, the libgpg-error0 and libgcrypt11 libraries need to move to /lib
first, as libcryptsetup1 links against them.

Additionally, libgpg-error0-udeb and libgcrypt11-udeb packages are
required in order to satisfy the dependencies for the cryptsetup-udeb

but now that most of the above issues have been solved by uploads of
libgcrypt11 and libgpg-error to experimental, I wonder whether the split
of cryptsetup binary and libcryptseup1 library packages should be
continued in the udeb packages or not.

in other words: shall I add a libcryptsetup1-udeb package and make the
cryptsetup-udeb package depend on it? or is it better to have only one
cryptsetup-udeb package, containing both the dynamically linked binary
(cryptsetup) and the shared library (libcryptsetup1)?

I guess that the relavant point is rather: will any d-i component use
libcryptsetup1 without the need for the cryptsetup binary anytime soon?
I know that systemd developers intend to use libcryptsetup1.


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