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Bug#381975: Cannot reproduce "cannot undo ssid entry"

package netcfg
tag 381975 +unreproducible
tag 381975 +moreinfo

Hi Michael,

I've been trying to reproduce this bug, and I'm afraid I can't do it with a
current testing image.  I used the latest netinst from
and booted in both graphical and text modes, and in both cases when I went
past the SSID selection screen, I could use 'Go Back' to return to the
"Network configuration method" screen, where I can choose "Reconfigure
the wireless network" and re-enter the SSID.

Given that d-i has changed extensively since you submitted the bug report
(and apologies on behalf of the d-i team for not getting to this sooner),
would you be happy if this bug report was closed, or do you have a method
for reproducing the problem you initially reported on a current d-i CD

- Matt

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