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Bug#606840: Bug#606843: Installation-Report: English language with Finnish location, half of the keys stop working

Quoting Julien Cristau (jcristau@debian.org):
> On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 18:01:30 +0100, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > Quoting Julien Cristau (jcristau@debian.org):
> > 
> > > That's not a valid configuration.  The fi variant doesn't exist.
> > 
> > However, if I open a shell in D-I before the keymap is set, then apply
> > your patch to keyboard-configuration.config, then exit the shell and
> > continue by selecting the Finnish keymap, the problem
> > is apparently still there.
> > 
> Please get the output of 'DISPLAY=:0 setxkbmap -print' and 'xkbcomp -xkb
> :0 -' from the shell after selecting the finnish keymap (with the
> patched config script).

Gee, hard to do in my setup (Virtualbox): I need to find a way to
switch to a text console (Ctrl-Alt-foo is intercepted by the host
system and I can't remember how to icrcumvent this)....and usig a
shell is a no-no as the keymap is set, there...so I can't type these

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