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Bug#606840: Bug#606843: Installation-Report: English language with Finnish location, half of the keys stop working


Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> (12/12/2010):
> So, in some way, the problem might lie in the finnish keymap.

sounds like it. Reproducible in a non-di environment with:
  $ setxkbmap -option -model pc105 fi fi

(People may want to run setxkbmap $their $stuff right before so they
can use the 'Up' arrow to get back to a functional keymap.)

which is what gets called from console-setup-udeb's postinst script
(as seen by inserting 'echo' at the beginning of the line in

I know nothing about fi for now, probably a xkb-data bug; will try to
look into what happened upstream since the version we're shipping.


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