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Re: Debian installer build: failed or old builds

Excerpts from Joey Hess's message of Die Nov 09 19:55:48 +0100 2010:
> Can whoever (Geert I guess) caused these mails to be sent please fix
> them so they appear to come from a role address, not whoever is running
> the script?

I commited the change that caused these mails. I'm a bit unsure to
whicht address to change the "From" header. Do you think it's
better to use something like 
"Daily build aggregator <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>"? 

AFAIK there is no d-i role mailalias appart from the mailinglist. And
hardcoding something like d-i@ravel.debian.org seems even worse than
using the name of whoever is running the script.

Note that the mails already contain an "X-Daily-Build-Aggregator"
header for easier filtering.

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