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Re: Bug#581683: Adding tag help for #581683 ([I18N, USABILITY] configure keyboard dialogs)

Quoting Samuel Thibault (sthibault@debian.org):

> Sad news is that while splitting off keyboard-configuration from
> console-setup, all the debconf templates translations got dropped.
> Good news is that we still have the old version in svn.  Attached is a
> patch which I believe will restore it properly without any work from
> l10n teams: it was passed through l10n-sync. Below is the diffstat. The
> removed lines are some backups what gettext kept in some of the files.
> Is it OK to apply?

As written earlier, I'd rather have these changes kept out of
packages/po currently and updates handled separately in

I can do it the following way:

1) comment console-setup in packages/po/packages_list
  That will temporarily drop the package from the l10n-sync operations

2) apply your patch in a local copy of packages/po without committing
  this back to SVN

3) make the change in console-setup/debian/po/POTFILES.in (adding the
needed line)

4) run debconf-updatepo for c-s

5) merge PO files from my local copy in 3) to

6) send a special call for translation updates in console-setup

Then, after the release of RC1, merge the content of c-s/debian/po/*po
back to packages/po and re-activate c-s in packages/po/packages_list

That will make my life considerably easier for tracking languages
missing completion for anything else than c-s.

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