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I noticed these warnings in the PTS page for partman-zfs:

# partman-zfs/i386 unsatisfiable Depends: zfsutils-udeb (>= 8.1-4)
# partman-zfs/i386 unsatisfiable Depends: zfs-modules

Does this mean the Architecture field in partman-zfs should
be moved from "all" to "kfreebsd-any" ?

I intentionally used "all" because partman-ufs (which is
kfreebsd-specific) is set to "all" too, and so are the rest
of filesystems, most of which are linux-specific.

No problem on my side with changing it, but I had this
feeling that making a script happy is the wrong reason.
I.e. if the reason is valid for partman-zfs, I guess it'd be
valid for partman-ufs and the rest.

What then?

Robert Millan

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