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Re: Debian Installer meeting - 2010.11.03@20:00 UTC

Miguel Figueiredo, le Mon 01 Nov 2010 13:57:42 +0100, a écrit :
> It is scheduled for next Wednesday - 2010.11.03, 20:00 UTC [1].

I won't be able to attend at that time, so here are my inputs:

> - follow up from previous meeting;

I've updated the figures in the installation guide and lowmem package.
I'll probably have to update them againt before the Squeeze release as a
few bloats are being dealt with.

There was some concerns with the choices made by partman too (/ not big
enough for two kernels).

> - documentation;

Which is still lacking for kFreeBSD.  I had done some refactoring work,
but people with knowledge should go through the manual and check what
doesn't suit kFreeBSD (e.g. I guess PXE booting is available, but how?
Is LVM available? How is SMP/UP choice handled? etc.)


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