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Re: Status of some daily D-I builds

Excerpts from Christian PERRIER's message of Die Sep 14 06:55:28 +0200 2010:
> Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> > Christian PERRIER wrote:
> What I would also like to have is a way to easily *monitor* these
> daily builds. I'd be fine to do it myself on a regular basis if
> there's a way to get these status by mail (offline work most of the
> time during weeks). This is what I do with builds that are run on my
> own laptop, which already helps in catching build failures that happen
> on all arches (or on i386 only).

OK, I finally got around to add some mail support to the daily
aggregator script. It only sends a mail if there are old or failed
builds. See the attached patch. 

There are still a few improvements possible:
- The current output only has a link to the log of the failed build.
  I could also add the last lines of the build log. Do you think this
  might be helpful?
- There are still some old builds. I'm still looking for someone to
  document the current autobuilder setup, so that it would become
  possible for others to investigate the cause for this and to add the
  relevant logs to the overview page. AFAIK currently only Luk knows
  how this works and it's not documented anywhere... (Luk, could you
  give me some pointers?)

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