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Re: preseed software raid, one device with many partitions?

On October 28, 2010 09:02:02 pm Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 08:42:11PM +0000, Ryan Braun [ADS] wrote:
> > Looking over the preseed docs for setting up software raid,  it looks
> > like you need to create a separate raid device for each partition?  I'm a
> > software raid newb,  and I've only set it up a couple times going through
> > d-i manually.
> >
> > What I'm looking to do is create one raid device containing all of sda
> > and sdb.  Then partition that device up into /boot,/,/home etc.  From the
> > preseed docs,  it looks like they cut up the disks so each partition is
> > its own raid device.
> >
> > Am I reading the docs wrong?
> >
> > http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/apbs04.html.en
> >
> > FWIW OS is lenny.
> You could use LVM instead of partitions to split the raid.  It is a lot
> more flexible than partitions.
> So if you create one partition per drive and make the raid on that
> and then setup LVM on the raid device and create logical volumes for
> everything on the LVM you should have a great setup.
> Now you might have to keep either / or /boot outside LVM.  Not sure what
> the state of grub support is for that.  I currently have my setup so that
> / is a seperate raid from the raid device LVM uses for everything else.

I would love to,  but from my googling it sounds like preseeding software raid 
+ LVM is a black art of some sorts.  Lots of chatter on google,  but not much 
solid info.  If anyone has any examples of this,  I'd love to see them.

TBH,  I don't think the many raid device issue is a breaker,  it just "looks" 
messier then a nice hardware raid /dev/sda device.

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