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Re: next d-i meeting - 2010.10.20, 21h00 GMT


On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 10:20 AM, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud
<didier@raboud.com> wrote:
> as some might know, I am the new win32-loader co-maintainer. Unfortunately,
> the meeting schedule doesn't fit for me, I won't be able to attend.

It would be nice to have you there. Please share with us the best time
for you so we can try to fit the next meeting.

> I would have had some points to discuss, so here is a short list:
> * Next win32-loader upload: the svn has some pending translations (and
> nothing else), so I can upload those at any time. It might be interesting to
> have it done before the next d-i release (+ migrate it to testing).

Please do it ASAP.

> * Call for testing for win32-loader: at the end of september I sent a "[RFC]
> Call for testing" [0] that I intended to send to debian-devel. After
> thinking of it a little more, I now think that a particular emphasis on
> win32-loader within the next d-i release announce would be enough. If the
> idea sounds OKayish, the text could be re-used from my never-used CFT.
> Otherwise just ping me for a text at the time of the annoucement writing.

Sure. Please edit the wiki template at

> * New goodbye-microsoft.com ? That website once installed Debian; now it's
> gNewSense that gets proposed. There is also get.debian.net, which had not
> the win32-loader.exe until recently. It gained a "debian.exe" which is
> apparently the goodbye-microsoft.com gnewsense installer (customized win32-
> loader 0.6.13). So I think a canonical place for win32-loader-standalone.exe
> would be nice. get.d.n ? under d-i.d.o ? Opinions ?

Personally I think that it ought to be in the mirrors. Maybe it could
use same way we do for loadlin and other stuff.

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