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Re: loosing ~150 translated messages per language on the manual

Quoting Miguel Figueiredo (elmig@debianpt.org):

> Until this is fixed we had a Portuguese manual fully translated for years that 
> now is a piece of...text with lot's of unstranslated text. I suspect other 
> languages suffered from the same issue.
> From my side i will wait for this being fixed. After I will continue to work on 
> the manual again.
> Not cool.

Sorry, this is probably a consequence of the minimal coordination we
currently have on the work for the manual. I am even probably the
culprit for syncing translations after a few changes (those proposed
by Maximilian Attems to drop references to kernel-img.conf) where I
didn't notice that the change of "debian" to &debian; was also

This is where we (re)discover the huge amount of work and involvment
put by Frans in this work....and how we'll have hard times maintaining
the same level of perfection.

Any chance you can unfuzzy things?

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