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loosing ~150 translated messages per language on the manual

Hi all,

i just noticed that lots (~150?) of messages are marked as fuzzy on the 
installation manual due to a change from 'debian' to '&debian;'. If the word 
debian is worth being replaced for a variable with the same content i suggest:

- leave it for the next release - or even better:
- make the change and don't mark the messages as fuzzy. The result will be the 
same, right?

We are near a release and i don't see how losing so many messages/paragraphs 
of translated text is worth this change.

Until this is fixed we had a Portuguese manual fully translated for years that 
now is a piece of...text with lot's of unstranslated text. I suspect other 
languages suffered from the same issue.

From my side i will wait for this being fixed. After I will continue to work on 
the manual again.

Not cool.

Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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