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Bug#246498: Do we really need to say "hey, I'm rebooting" when user press Ctrl-Alt-Suppr inside D-I?

Quoting Scott Robinson (scott@quadhome.com):
> Excerpts from Christian PERRIER's message of Tue Sep 14 03:25:47 +1000 2010:
> > [...]
> > I agree that nothing shows up. But that nothing shows up for a
> > fraction of second, then the system reboots....
> > [...]
> But it isn't a fraction of a second on a lot of machines. (old machines,
> netbooks, embedded installs, etc.)

Well, sure. However, I roughly guess that the delay happens not because
something is being done before doing a "safe" reboot....but just
because it takes time for the system to intercept and process the key

So, assuming we would want a nice display instead of "Sending HUP to
terminate all running processes"....there would still be a delay
before that thing is triggerred....with the current actions still
apparently continuing.

Really, I don't exactly see the point and benefit unless you suggest
something that would intercept Ctrl-Alt-Del and display a confirmation
bow or something similar.

The use case seems vague for me, indeed.

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