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Bug#246498: Do we really need to say "hey, I'm rebooting" when user press Ctrl-Alt-Suppr inside D-I?

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This wishlist bug says "When the user presses Control-Alt-Delete / kbrequest, there should be an
indication that the system is being rebooted.

Currently, nothing occurs. Interaction with the installer continues right up
until the screen goes black...".

I agree that nothing shows up. But that nothing shows up for a
fraction of second, then the system reboots....

So, do we really want to add extra complexity in D-I to the expense of
memory and size impact for something for which there is no real
need. After all, the user will very quickly learn that (s)he rebooted
the machine and there's indeed nothing (s)he can do to avoid that.

I think we should close this bug as a non-issue.


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