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Re: [manual] booting from USB

Quoting Miguel Figueiredo (elmig@debianpt.org):
> Hi all,
> attached a patch and chapter page from the manual about preparing usb
> memory stick to install debian.
> I made some changes hoping this can be more clear to follow.
> Please review it and check if these changes are worth it.

It seems that some gratuitous changes leaked in the diff (reorg os
fome <para></para> stuff).

> Looking to the BTS/installation reports, the USB installation usability
> worths being discussing as nowadays USB devices are very popular.
> Squeeze+1?

See also Joey's efforts to make the USB stick preparation less clumsy
by using isohybrid.

I personnally think that the current documentation, even if not
perfect, does not need to be changed (with the associated hassle of
managing l10n updates and a new release of the installation
guide). Don't forget that we just recently lost the installation guide
maintainer and we currently have no clear way about who is going to
take this work over. So, I think we should be as conservative as
possible until i-g maintenance is sorted out.

My stance is still currently that if one follows the instructions
previsely, the documentation is not incorrect. It just needs not
overreading it (which is less easy than just saying it: I think we all
overread existing documentations..:))

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