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Bug#596633: USB install fails

Christian Perrier wrote:
Quoting Miles Fidelman (mfidelman@meetinghouse.net):

Err, you're not supposed to put the mini.iso on the USB stick, but
either the businesscard or netinst images.....
the instructions page implies that you can do a netboot, using the
.iso found in the /netboot directory - where the only iso is
mini.iso - seems like another documentation bug
Hmmm, from http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/ch04s03.html:

[8]  You can use either a businesscard, a netinst or a full CD image
(see Section 4.1, -Y´Official Debian GNU/Linux CD-ROM Sets¡). Be
sure to select one that fits. Note that the ´netboot mini.iso¡ image
is not usable for this purpose.

I seem to have missed that footnote.  Ooops.

On the other hand, the very first two paragraphs on the page say:

"There are two installation methods possible when booting from USB stick. The first is to install completely from the network. The second is to also copy a CD image onto the USB stick and use that as a source for packages, possibly in combination with a mirror. This second method is the more common.

For the first installation method you'll need to download an installer image from the |netboot| directory (at the location mentioned in Section 4.2.1, “Where to Find Installation Images” <http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/ch04s02.html#where-files>) and use the “flexible way” explained below to copy the files to the USB stick."

There's only one installer image in the netboot directory - mini.iso - so those instructions are contradictory.

I wonder what elese we would need to document, indeed...
Clean up contradictions, clean up anything that says to use the alpha1 release and replace it with instructions to use the daily build. Maybe streamline things a bit.

Also, I just discovered that there seems to be a bug with the grub-install step of a USB installation, and maybe a problem with installation on RAIDed disks. After succeeding at finding, mounting, and running the netinst.iso (daily build versions), the installer on my sandbox just completed - but... the resulting system isn't bootable. After a little digging, it looks like the installer mounted BOTH my usb stick and one of two raid-ed hard drives as /dev/sda - and really messed things up. I'm busily trying to recreate the situation (after first rebuilding a working system of CD). Once I have some details, I'll send a separate bug report.

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