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Bug#596572: debian-installer: Manual network configuration doesn't allow IPv6 addresses

forcemerge 231003 596572

Quoting Tanu Kaskinen (tanuk@iki.fi):
> On Sun, 2010-09-12 at 19:28 +0200, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > reassign 596572 netcfg
> Ah, I wasn't aware of that package. It already had #231003 - Should

Yes, netcfg is one of (many) D-I components.

> include IPv6 support from the beginning. I guess my bug doesn't add much
> value then, since you already knew that the installer isn't fully
> IPv6-capable :)
> > Patches welcomed..:-)
> No doubt. Unfortunately, I don't have the motivation to try to fix this.
> I was only pretending that I didn't have IPv4 connectivity.

Sure. No problem with this, of course.

We unfortuunately are missing someone taking care to process netcfg
bug reports and wishlist requests. Neraly nothing happened in that
package during the lenny->squeeze release cycle.

(the fact that netcfg is one of the few d-i packages written in C
might be a reason...another being the surprisingly low number of
people now working on D-I)

Thanks for the hint about this wishlist already existing. That's
already some kind of help!

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