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Bug#566316: Reproducible

I wrote:
>  * This happens every time I give it a disk which has the layout I
>    described in my first report.

So I think the steps to reproduce are:

 * Unpack the image to a hard disk (or file which is going to be your
   test VM's virtual device).

 * Set up a local web server containing a preseed file like the one in
   my original report, edited for IP addresses etc.

 * Set up your PXE server appropriately.  Mine looks like this:
    serial 0 115200
    timeout 5
    label overwrite
            menu label ^Overwrite
            menu default
            kernel debian-installer/i386/linux
            append vga=normal auto=true preseed initrd=debian-installer/i386/initrd.gz hostname=insider url=woking.cam.xci-test.com/~osstest/osstest/insider_preseed domain=cam.xci-test.com acpi=off noapic netcfg/dhcp_timeout=150 netcfg/choose_interface=auto DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 DEBIAN_FRONTEND=text -- console=ttyS0,115200n8
    default overwrite

 * Boot the machine.  It should boot, start d-i, bring up the network,
   load the preseed file, detect the hard disks, and then
   automatically partition the hard disk.  If the bug triggers, the
   system will hang when partman_sever segfaults.

You can ignore the "latecmd" in the preseed I was using; the
installation falls over before then.


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