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Bug#566316: Reproducible

I have discovered that:

 * This happens every time I give it a disk which has the layout I
   described in my first report.

 * The presence of cciss block devices is a red herring; I have
   reproduced the problem on a machine without them.  Indeed
   the hardware doesn't appear to matter.

 * Whatever the partitioner does before it crashes destroys the
   preconditions for the bug.

I have captured an image of a 400G hard disk in the bug-triggering
state.  After bzip2 it's only 2.1Gby so I have put it on a USB stick
and will hope to give it to Colin Watson in person.  md5sum:
a581787538066d9dde0b13aa29b22e49  bug566316-diskimage.bz2

I can't publish the image because it contains a copy of Windows.


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