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Bug#595793: installation-reports Squeeze Doesn't populate /etc/fstab

>> Severity: normal
>> Boot method: CD with expert Xfce Desktop
>> Image version: Debian 6 Squeeze/Sid
>> Date: Sep 6, 2010
> Please download a daily built image from
> http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/. Preferrably the
> *netboot* image (I said *netboot*, not netinst).
> The hebaviour you noticed shouldn't be happening anymore there.

OK, I got a netboot from:

After about 5 or 6 tries (explained more or less below) I finally
seemed to attach to a mirror that had what I wanted :P  Who knew
trying to install Debian would be like wrangling a wild boar?
Definitely better than I've seen in the past netboots (some features
were definitely unique and welcomed, but some features appeared to
hang without any apparent reason.)

1st Attempt:  Xfce Expert Install; (no indication it was loading
installer components, several seconds seemed stalled) picked NTFS and
manual Partitioning installer components; manually set /dev/sde3 to
/sneex and /dev/sdf2 to / (see attached screen shot.)

Executed a shell and deleted these:
bin   .dbus  etc     lib	      media  opt   .rnd    selinux  srv
tmp	usr  vmlinuz
boot  dev	home  initrd.img	  lost+found  mnt    proc  root  sbin
sys  .ure	var

Installed the base system (choose targeted for kernel 2.6-i686);
package seletion was all minus laptop) then a Long pause (over 35
minutes) -- so I rebooted and tried again...

Try 2 thru 4? didn't make it past detect disks, I have no idea why :P

Try 5 I attempted a plain vanilla gnome install -- then it only
offered system tools at Select Software and would NOT install Grub2 :P

Try 6 -- before try six I watched a short movie and kicked around my
Android phone (I might be smarter than a 5th Grader!) and then
attempted installing:

First I booted into Rescue mode and deleted these:
bin   .dbus  etc     lib	      media  opt   .rnd    selinux  srv
tmp	usr  vmlinuz
boot  dev	home  initrd.img	  lost+found  mnt    proc  root  sbin
sys  .ure	var

Then I went for a Xfce Expert Install, no special Installer
components, manually set partitions (per screen shot) and maybe the
mirror I was auto attached to actually had what I was looking for
because from select software on thru rest of install it appeared to be
a normal Net Installation.

So, I got it to work, all partitions I picked during installation are
mounted and /etc/fstab is populated (old style static) and Grub2
installed but I am wondering -- are the mirrors actually able to
address using a netboot method to install a machine over the internet?
 Seems like the problems I was having surrounding Software Selection
are relating to the mirrors   :P

Maybe I dreamed it all; after 4 hours or so of installing something
that should be less than 1 hour (my internet connection is 16-20MB) I
feel I could have imagined any number of issues which magically went
away during installation attempt #6 :P

Bill :)

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