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Bug#595914: Re: Bug#595914: Bug-report / installation-report

Quoting Jomei Ischowieda (lmu@poly-tick.de):
> Hi there!
> Actually I don't mind, for I'd love to get rid of my problem ;) You'd just need to explain how, 'cause I'm a newbie to this and the online documentation does not provide the right information, I fear. Anyway I don't know how to use the information provided.

1) go to http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/
2) read and find "daily built images"
3) choose "other images (netboot, usb stick, floppy, etc)"
4) choose your architecture: i386 is safe for all "PC" style
machines. "amd64" is the 64èbit version of Debian and is suitable for
any reasonably modern processor. I'd then recommend amd64
5) choose "netboot"
6) click in mini.iso
7) save to disk
8) use your favorite CD burning application (yes, there are some good
ones even for Windows, even as Free Software)
9) burn the image on a fresh CD 
10) boot your new machine with that CD
11) answer questions

> My network uses as Gateway/DNS-Server without DHCP enabled, but if necessary I'm able to provide DHCP. The notebook is capable of network booting via BIOS, but then I don't know how to give him the right server to install from. I hope that helps a bit.

12) even though the image is named "netboot", you don't need a boot
server to boot it. It is named this way because, being as minimal as
possible, everything is downloaded off the network as soon as possible

> Personally I'd prefer a netinst-package, for it is simple enough for a noob like me. 

There is no difference in usability between netboot and netinst.

I'm afraid I can't give more details in a reasonable time, which is
currently part of my free time...:-)

Ah, don't forget answering to the bug report mail address instead of
just the individual who happened to answer you. This way, things are
being tracked down in the BTS. This, you couldn't guess...:)

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