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Re: A question about the debian installer

Svante Signell wrote:
> When choosing the rescue mode of the Debian CD, I tried netinst, you
> have to go through: language, keyboard, locale, root user setup,
> ordinary user setup, networking and root partition (+something I
> forgot?) before being presented with the option to run a shell or
> reinstall Grub. Why do I have to set up root, user and networking in
> rescue mode??

A partial explanation for networking is that rescue mode depends on lots
of components for eg, mounting unusual/raided/lvmed filesystems, and one
way for the installer to get those is via the network. It can also be
useful to have a network in certian rescue scenarios.

Root and user password: This is IMHO a bug. The user-setup used to run
much later, and was moved earlier in the installation, which is ok, but
it was moved to an unfortunate position, besides running before rescue
mode. The user is currently asked to configure some location-based stuff
(locale and network mirror locations), then user-setup, before getting
back to more location-based stuff (time zone location).

I think that user-setup could be moved to run just after rescue (ie,
menu item number 3950), without any ill effects. 

(Earlier thread: http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2010/06/msg00119.html)

see shy jo

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