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Re: On-screen keyboard for g-i

(CC'ing you as I answer quite late and you might miss the answer. No
need to CC me back)

Quoting Thibaut Girka (thib@sitedethib.com):

> > If you want to try, I can build an image for x86/qemu right now.
> "Right now"... well, here it is, but be patient, it's behind my home
> connection!
> http://www.sitedethib.com/files/mini.iso

Downloaded the image. I gavce it a first try.

At very first glance, things are working: I just click on the virtual
keyboard and letters are entered.

A few comments:
- we'll need to have a way to activate this only for devices/machines
that need it. Probably in place of the standard keymap selection that
means nothing for such machines, I guess (moreover, I did choose the
French layout but the virtual keymap has a QWERTY layout

- The äëö key is strange. Hitting it turns "e" into "ë", but not "a"
and "o". It also turns "2" to "1/2" and "3" to "3/4".

- there are 4 keys at the bottom right, close to "@" that have simple
squares as symbols (probably characters dropped from the font used in D-I).


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