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Interested in adding UBIFS support to d-i


I'm considering adapting the installer (well, partman I guess) to work
on a non-x86, embedded platform I have here.  The platform uses UBIFS
as the root filesystem, in NAND flash.  The presentation is similar to
what the GuruPlug guys have to deal with.

For now, my objective is a fully-preseeded USB installer image that
would automagically partition and format the NAND flash to a
predefined configuration.  Down the road, something similar to an
Expert installation process, with user intervention for the
partitioning layout, might be useful.

I'm experienced with Debian as a user, but I have never hacked around
in the installer.  Can someone point me in the right direction
regarding the partitioning and formatting parts of the above?  The
documentation I have found so far seems to address the preseeding
topic, but I haven't found much information on how to hack the
partition setup and formatting portions of the installer.  Any advice
would be greatly appreciated.


Bill Gatliff

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