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Re: Building monolithic images daily?

Quoting Aurelien Jarno (aurelien@aurel32.net):
> Hi all,
> Currently we are building daily netboot, cdrom and some other images
> depending on the architectures. There is a target for monolithic images,
> but it is not activated for the daily builds.
> I do wonder if we should enable it on the daily images, as it can be
> very useful for regression tracking. Monolithic images contain all the 
> necessary udebs, so the list of udebs is known (from MANIFEST.udebs)
> and always the same.


It is always tricky to track reported problems as many people are
using "daily built" images that doesn't always contain the latest
version of various udebs.

An argument against this image could be that, at some points, it could
be broken because it embarks two incompatible udebs. But I still think
it would be a good debugging tool.

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